What’s the Salon?

The first two Salons BD MTL I hosted were a Comix Jams and panel event hosted at Syn Studio where I teach art part time. The next year Syn sponsored the event and we moved to the Site Catherine theater, a cafe and improv club.

Both were great fun and I was thinking about doing it the following year again but plans changed and I was unable to keep juggling that ball.

But the idea of it stuck with me. Mixing a Comix Jam with panels and workshops for artists. The last one at the theater was great.

There were two panels but most of the space was given over to long tables of cartoonists drawing together.

I loved the mix of information sharing and hanging out and drawing together, and missed being able to further explor the potential of the gatherings.

So fast forward to 2020, with the shutdown I’ve been enjoying connecting some new tools enabling me to revisit this old cartooning playpen and the idea I had for the Salons 6 years ago.

I tried it out joining the Vancouver Comics Jam for a Zoom and Aggie based jam with them and loved it. So here’s the idea. I’m going to host Comix Jams on Zoom. They will be open to all but I’ll probably cap the number of people who can sign up per event at around 30.

There will be rooms and a main space, and we’ll have some kind of ‘table’ for sharing pages we’re collaborating on. Finished pages will be posted to galleries here and on social media, likely Facebook.

The Jams will be more regular simple drawing events, monthly hosted to start. In the summer or fall I’d like to host a full virtual Salon event with a Jam, alongside workshops and panels in a number of side rooms over the course of an afternoon and evening.

The Crew

For now, this is just being run by me, Salgood Sam aka Max. Comics creator, self publisher, occasional reporter, and art teacher. I hope to have some help running things later, at which time we’ll expand this section.


So we mainly collect emails addresses if you sign up for the mailing list, or to get notifications on the site. And our anti spam software will be collecting data in the background anonymously to help manage the spam and the like for the site.