Getting pages to come out cleanly at Comix Jams was always a challenge, skill levels varied widely and there was no planning pages out most of the time, we started with blank sheets. This especially created problems for the zines I would compile later of the work.

So I started including some blank panel panel layouts for Jams along side blank paper and people really seemed to enjoy them. Even for the more experienced artists it just made getting a page started a lot simpler and fun. And for these digital Jams it helps even more, also saving time drawing out panels.

You can make and upload your own as well! The image size limit on the app is 4000 pix wide or high, I make the templates smaller though to make the images lighter on the browser when we’re drawing as well. Typically around 2000px max width.

It’s pretty easy to customize them, use the tools there to go over panel borders, combining them into larger sizes and otherwise customize your page in Aggie.

In Aggie you can start a page with a uploaded image so using these on that platform is super simple. Just download it from here and then use it to start a new page.

Also for these I set them up horizontally because the jams I’m planing for now are all online, so I went with a more typical screen aspect ratio. You can rotate them if you rather a traditional comic book shape instead.